A 5 Minute Chat with…Lytasha a.k.a. ‘Poohka’

poohka.collageA few nights ago I went to see one of my good friends ‘Poohka’ perform at her school *El Camino College* for her Jazz dance class final. I was so proud of her, she was workin it and feeling fabulous! So I decided to have *A 5 Minute Chat* with her. I’m so glad that I went. The dancers are so talented and they had really good performances. I unfortunately did not take any video and I got one picture. I was too into the performances.

1. Name a song that inspires you/makes you feel good

Since I’m Poohka there are a lot of songs that inspire me. Like anytime I hear E-40 u better believe I’m up and partying. But seriously I will say I can not go without listening to Mary Mary Go Get It.

2. Name one of your best memories that involves both of us

OMG considering the fact that I love and adore me some Sam, this is a tuff one….. Honestly the night of June 4th. I had my dance performance and she came to support me and didn’t have to. I lit up when I saw Sam and MyMy sitting on the very front row. I don’t have much family or many friends but those girls are at the top of my thankful for list.

3. Which of the ‘Friday’ movies is your favorite & why?

I love the first Friday. One because I think Chris Tucker is sexy and two because it was funny.lol

4. Name a talent you have that most people don’t know about

I would say many people don’t know I have a musical instrument background. I love to play the tenor sax. I also played the violin, clarinet, trombone, alto sax. I also marched with All City in the Rose Parade in 2005.

5. Name something you’ve done that you are most proud of

I am so proud that I passed my Spanish class. I tell ya I was stressing and at times depressed because I was ready to give up. I am so happy I didn’t because I received a B as my final grade. (I think its because of Sam’s superb Spanish skills :))

*Note: I (Sam) am pretty good at Spanglish

6. What is one of your dreams/goals/aspirations?

One of my goals/ aspirations is to be SOMEBODY. There is a list of things I want to do or become, but as long as the SOMEBODY I become can help SOMEONE, I will be so happy and feel so accomplished.

Thank you Lytasha for taking the time out to chat with me & sharing information about yourself. I’m lucky to have you as a friend & I think you are an amazing person! This is just a little view into who Poohka is, if you like what you saw and read so far look her up on Facebook or Instagram: @Poohka2sassy4u. She is entertaining and owns her sexy. Hats off to you!!

Thanks for reading, subscribe 🙂 Until the next time xoxo



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