The New Royal Baby Is Here! It’s A Boy!!

News is quickly spreading as reports of The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge are now proud parents! Early this morning Kate Middleton was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London.

Much of the world waited with excitement to hear those famous words “It’s a Girl! or It’s a Boy!” Their son is the 3rd in line for the throne. First in line being Prince Charles & Second is Prince William the Duke of Cambridge.

There had been a vigil posted outside the hospital waiting on pins & needles for the good news.

Queue Social Media, Television & Radio!! And ya’ll thought Blue Ivy Baby Watch 2012 was huge, pshh!

I honestly had not invested much time into this event with the exclusion of this post. I’m happy for them, new babies give me a warm feeling inside. Don’t get me wrong but In the spirit of keeping it real, I would have been good with 3 updates:

1- “Oh shoot, guess who’s expecting? Its Kate Middleton ya’ll!” (in my country voice)

2- “Oh shoot, guess who’s in labor at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London. ya’ll? Its Kate Middleton!” (again, my country voice)

3- “The Royal baby is here! It’s a Boy!” (in my British voice)

  While the wait was on I found a few royal baby name suggestions fans put together from across the pond.

My personal favorite is “Hashtag” LOL! No, not really. I’d be so mad if anyone named their kid “Hashtag” I mean, really? No, seriously. C’mon. (side eye)

Aiight ya’ll I gotta go but I’m happy for the Royal Parents. Congrats! Thanks for reading!

Your Curvy Correspondent,


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