Inspiration comes from the craziest places at the craziest times!! I’m sitting here waiting to have somewhat major work done on my car and I happened to check my Facebook and it got me to thinking. I have some pretty amazing friends/people around me.

Some of which I know through interactions in Cyberspace. Let me tell you about the inspiration & insight some of these women have given to me from hundreds of miles away, and with barely knowing me. Again, I’ve been blessed to come in contact with some amazing people. I have one friend that continues to inspire me often and she probably doesn’t even know it. If she’d let me I would love to sit with her and provide a post introducing her. I don’t speak with her often but when I do it feels like no time had been lost. She will always holds a special place in this old ticker.

I’ve rambled enough, time to see if she’s willing. Wish me luck!
Be back soon xoxo


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