Obession/Favorite Thing Of The Week. Stop Motion Video: Scenes In L.A. & Cool Anniversary Gift

Last week I posted my favorite thing of the week on Divawhispers.com. I’ll add the link here. That one was SO cool to me, I really hope I can have that done for me someday.
This week (actually always) I am really into video and the special effects and things you can create from visual arts. So this weeks obsession/favorite thing of the week happens to be the very cool Stop Motion Video!
In doing my usual looking through Huffington Post Los Angeles via The Pet Collective I saw this cool video that had been posted of a woman walking her dog through various Los Angeles Locations. Take a look –

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYOVpU8C.x?p=1 width=”720″ height=”433″]

Sometimes the smallest things make me happy. I needed this today. It was a very solemn day of reflection. Thoughts and prayers are with those directly affected by the events on 9/11/2001. Much love to all of you.

The next video I found was so cute. Its a lil long but I really enjoyed the video at least up to the 4th minute or so. The thought of someone caring for you so much to take the time and personally make this gift for you makes me smile. I might just do my own to feed my creative senses, after I learn how to do it and have a concept. (I was unable to embed but I have the link)

Slow Motion Anniversary Video

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed them. Have a good night. Til next time…
Oh if you have comments or ideas I’d love to hear them. Comments are welcome!
More Than Cute in the Face xoxo

(source/video credit: Divawhispers.com, The Pet Collective, Huffington Post L.A., The LAist, Youtube-boogi fiandry)


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