A 5 Minute Chat with…Mikaela / BET Experience Edition

This year in Los Angeles BET held their 1st Annual event called the BET Experience. It was fun and interesting. There were plenty of events all over the place. Definitely something for everyone. The only issue was that it was super hot this whole weekend, luckily they provided the attendees with free water and some other drink samples throughout the venue. Summer in Los Angeles had definitely arrived! I’ll write another post going over the things I personally experienced while there but for now I want to talk about a young lady that I saw and wanted to chat with briefly. She looked so cute & trendy, I could see my niece wanting to dress like her.

So, I asked her if it would be ok if I asked her a few questions and posted about her and her OOTD on here. Thankfully she said yes. So I told her a little bit about me then I asked her a few questions. They are listed below.


Her name is Mikaela & she is from Los Angeles, CA. and attends New West Charter HS.

Q1:  Who did you want to see the most at the BET Experience? Did you see them? Did anything Surprising/Exciting happen?

A: I really wasnt expecting to see anyone at the event, the the person i was most excited about seeing was Zendaya Coleman. I also saw many other stars.

Q2: Did you go to any of the concerts, previews, panels or the Red Carpet here this weekend?

A: I went to see the Beyonce Mrs.Carter Show

Q3: Your outfit is really cute & trendy. I really liked how you put it all together. Do you mind sharing what you’re wearing?

A: The top was from Forever 21, shoes Converse, the skirt I got from a store called Iquandi Styles on Ladera Park Ave & Slauson. I got the necklace from the Inglewood Swap Meet 😀

Q4: Name a guilty pleasure (like Reality TV, Chocolate, Shopping)

A: My guilty pleasure would have to be thriftshopping!

Q5: In ur iPod or phone what is the most played song?

A: Powertrip– J.Cole ft Miguel

Q6: What are you well known for with your friends or family. Say they needed advice or suggestions for something like hair, would you be the person that comes to mind to ask?

A: In my family I’m well known for being the “nail lady”. I have a passion for doing nails & I must say I’m very good at it! I have over 200 nail polishes!!

Q7: If you have already seen the BET AWARDS 13 what was your favorite part? Which performance did you like the most?

A:  My favorite part of the BET Awards was Kevin Hart saying “Turn Up man!” he cracks me up! My favorite performance was Janelle Monae & Erykah Badu. I love them!!

Q8: Do you have a hidden talent that not many people know about?

A: I have a hidden talent for Acting and Fashion Design. Sometimes I can be a bit shy so people wouldnt think twice about me being good at acting, but i can play anything from a rock to Miss America!! I have been told that I have a great sense of fashion, and I love to sketch rough designs.

Q9: If you could do anything you want for the majority of your life, What would be your dream job?

A: My dream job would be to be a world famous fashion designer/actress! I started sketching designs when I was in the first grade. Then every year after that I would dress up as a Fashion Designer for Halloween. I would also love to be an Actress and earn an Oscar!

Q10: Favorite Social Network & why? Do you want to share any of your contact info?

A: my favorite social network is Instagram! I love instagram because (now that it has video) I can share my lastest nail designs, and keep up with family, friends, and celebrities, or maybe even do a few tutorials!!

I can be found on Instagram under: @hellomikyy  thanks! -Mikaela

To me it sounds like she is a young lady that knows what she wants! I really hope all of her dreams & aspirations come true. Any Fashion Designers or Casting Agents out there reading you just may have a fantastic protégé on your hands!! As for the nails Mikaela you definitely have me beat! I have around 120 polishes and I don’t see that number stopping any time soon. There are so many beautiful choices & brands to choose from. That’s my excuse & I’m sticking to it. I just may need a few tips or tutorials from you so I’ll be looking for them 🙂

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me and I hope to see your designs in stores or on the runway.

Thanks for reading! until next time xoxo

~Samantha aka @CUTEin_theFACE (twitter) or @2sc00ps (Instagram)


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