Who needs the bones anyway??

Hi Everyone,

Congrats! If you’re reading this Its safe to say you made it through all of the July 4th festivities. I was doing a great job until the aroma of the ribs, hot links, baked beans and grilled chicken called me and I could no longer ignore them. My Dad did his thang yet again & prepared a tasty feast for us to enjoy. The spread looked good as always. The way the Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce glistened and enhanced the flavor of all things BBQ. I messed up, knowing damn well we are living in the days of Instagram I forgot to take a picture. Bad Sam! Thats like social media 101! Take Pictures make collage upload to instagram √ add filter (or not) √ tag others √ hashtag it up! #check (p.s. Yes, I know the symbol above is a square root & not a check, lol)

My ‘Must Share’ for today (because I ALWAYS have something to share) comes from a blogger that goes by the name Foodwishes. I follow a page on Facebook called Do The Evolution that has a lot of interesting videos and tidbits about various subjects. Right up my alley.

If you have seen my video on my blog or Youtube titled “40 things about me” then you may have heard me mention that I am not a fan of chicken with the bones in it. I know, I get a lot of flack for that one but regardless I’m not a fan. So, Naturally when I came across this interesting video by Foodwishes I was amused. I may just have to give this method a try (at least once).

How to eat a Chicken Wing!


Tell me what you think. Is this something you would try? Do you not care? Are bones just a part of the experience for you? Wanna tell me how silly I am being about the bones?? I’d like to know, either for or against. Feedback is encouraged. LOL.

Thanks for reading!! xoxo


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2 thoughts on “Who needs the bones anyway??

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