Celebration of Love to clear the Humpday Blues

Today I am suffering from the Hump Day Blues so I figured I would post about something to turn this day around! What’s better than talking about good old fashioned Love? Being in love, falling in love, witnessing love…I’m a sucker. Surfing the internet like I usually do, I’ve come across a few tearjerkers. I’ll mention three videos I like.  Hurry grab a tissue, Click the links, push play, then sit back and join me on this celebration of love ♥

The 1st one is a story I read on MSN by HerCampus.com this morning about the 1st Vine App (@vineapp) Proposal. Curt Buthman (@curtbuthman) asked his girlfriend Marsha Collier (@marshacollier) to marry him! Spoiler alert: She said Yes.

Vine Proposal

The 2nd one I found randomly while enjoying videos on one of my favorite sites, Youtube. I came across a video of a gentleman named Carlos from Florida. He wanted to do something different to propose to his girlfriend Rebecca. He chose to take it back to the local Ikea where they met. Its beautiful. Watch This

IKEA Proposal

Last but not least, I saw this one on Facebook. I saw that it was posted several times so I finally clicked it. This young couple are very special. Can you really go wrong with a little R.Kelly? I think not.

Proposal with R.Kelly song

I think its pretty cool how creative people are being now with their social media proposals. Pretty cool and pretty risky. Maybe one day I’ll have a story to post that involves someone I know and love.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Samantha xoxo

Cute in the Face


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