A 5 minute chat with…LADYBUG


1. What is your Name/Handle? Where are you from?

Ladybug and I’m from Lawndale, CA

2. What is your 1st Impression of me? Best memory of Me / Us?

First impression I thought u were fun and bubbly BEST memory (there are so many) would have to be Vegas when we were drunk and at ‘ Club Oasis’ dancing and singing to all those old school songs like we had no care in the world.

3. What is a song you like to dance to with your bestie?

There are 4…. I’m Different by 2 chains, All Gold Everything Trinidad James, that J.Cole song (can’t remember the name) you know the one u have to reenact (Nobody’s Perfect) and the Finatticz Don’t Drop that Thun Thun

4. What is one of your most favorite things in the world?

I would say my nephew but he’s not a thing, Lol. So I would have to say my makeup for sure!!!

5. Name something on your bucket list

On my bucket list is to travel outside of the country, to an uncommon travel area like Japan or Russia.

6. Bones or No Bones?

I can do either one, but typically I prefer the bone cause usually boneless are pieces of chicken breast and I don’t like chicken breast…

7. Favorite Drink?

Hmmmm, alcoholic right now is Peach Ciroc and Sprite and non alcoholic is a Dr. Pepper.(ugh I need to go back to not drinking sodas)

8. Favorite ATL Housewife & Why?

Fave housewife is Phaedra!!!! I love how real she is (most of the time). She doesn’t bite her tongue & she’s a lady, but will get crazy in a minute!!!


In the Photo Above Ladybug is wearing a Dress & Vest from: Rainbow

This was just a preview of my crazy Bestie. The link above goes to her blog. She’s a great Professional Makeup Artist and if you check out her page or Instagram (@ladeebug517) you can see some of her work. Stay tuned for more interviews and more of a ‘5 minute chat with…’  


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