One Dollar College Foundation

There is an undeniable need for higher education to improve chances at a successful career. This not only helps young adults get their foot in the door, but gives them a competitive edge as well. Tiffany Jones believes talented students should not have to begin young adulthood, right out of college, in debt.

I’d like to introduce a new Non-Profit Organization named ‘One Dollar College Foundation’ of which Tiffany Jones is the Founder.

Through the From Concept 2 Reality Campaign the One Dollar College Foundation has a goal to provide full-ride scholarship financing toward young adults higher education with individual donations. They are simply asking for donations of one dollar or more.

Even in times such as these when so many are struggling to make ends meet day to day, asking for one dollar is not a commitment that would leave a dent in people’s wallet. Donations exceeding more than One Dollar are also greatly appreciated.

The foundation strives to ensure that students would not have to worry about depending on subsidized and unsubsidized loans for housing, meal plans, books & other expenses. The One Dollar College Foundation wants to relieve the anxiety associated with postgraduate debt or payment for undergraduate programs.

The 1st phase is fundraising through the From Concept 2 Reality Campaign to aid the One Dollar College Foundation setup. The Public is needed to contribute as much as possible to meet the 1st goal of $15,000 to launch the foundation in North Carolina by June 2012.  Approximately six months is needed after that goal is met to legally structure the foundation.  Each dollar collected is used for registration, licenses, trademarks, marketing, and fees associated with establishing The One Dollar College Foundation. 

We all know that times are hard. Together we can do our part to make it easier for those just starting out, One dollar at a time. You never know, your dollar investment can help change someones life.

Thank you,

Samantha B.

 To give to From Concept 2 Reality and help One Dollar College Foundation reach its goal, visit:, or from your mobile phone you can text “ONEDOLLAR” to 69302 to join the From Concept 2 Reality Campaign. With your support you’re not just giving a dollar, you’re giving a chance!

Media Contact:


Lakamar Austin

PR, One Dollar College



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