BEACH PARTY @ Shadoe’s Resort

BEACH PARTY @ Shadoe’s Resort

No need to book that flight in order to get a taste of the temptation on this island. Shadoe’s was transformed for a night into a Curvy Tropical Oasis.

Word on the street from a few new people was that they happen to ‘hear’ about this bomb ass club in Long Beach. I told them “You are in luck because, UR HERE!!”

 Inside everything looked fun and playful. Beach Balls were being playfully tossed around the room, along with plenty of mingling, drinking and laughter going on. This week I was a bit more low-key but that was not a direct reflection of the partying taking place all around me.

When you see the messages and hear from club regulars that tell you that coming here is like being with family, it is true. If you come stag, by the time you walk in the door you are bound to see at least one familiar face and leave with a few friends. If you’re a newbie, you are in for a treat. Make sure you take a tour to test the waters and find the area that suits you best. My recommendation is to take it ALL in. Even the traffic between the rooms has its perks. One address, three rooms, many ways to get it in.

 DJ Wicked’s Cove

Damn, Damn, Damn! Wicked was on one tonite!! Messin around in his room was gonna end up with some folks goin ½ on child support! We weren’t ready.

He had everyone from the windows to the wall grindin, sweatin, werkin & twerkin it out!  AC wasn’t gonna do shit to cool this room down tonight.  I had to step out for a bit, he was about to have me makin a late night phone call!!

 DJ Needles Lagoon

As usual it was goin down in the Main room! I made it back just in time to catch the beginning of the always entertaining Booty Shakin Contest. This week there were 5 contestants and the winner is:



She won 2 tickets to the BET Explosion 8/20/11


This week the Team added something new for the Birthday Guests. The guests of honor come up on stage, they are introduced and everyone sings happy birthday to them as a group. Just a little extra birthday love from the family. Come celebrate your big day with us and feel the love.

 The Coordinators for the beach party did a great job.  After all the Booty Shakin and Birthday sangin, it was time to ‘Wobble’ it out led by Arissa & Davina.  

 Thanks Everyone. See you next Friday!

Don’t forget to get ready for ‘Boogies Booty Call’ and the ‘Who’s Bad?’ Michael Jackson dance battle contest.





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