XTRA!! XTRA!! (7/8/2011)


Hot of the Presses!! Take note, the itinerary for your curvy summer has been released. The themed nights have been posted and like many of you I’m already planning my attire.


The Big Girl Club A.K.A. Club Curves @ Cohibas is a well oiled machine with no signs of stopping. If you are on the tracks…you betta move!!

Its been said that variety is the spice of life and starting with this Summer, Shadoe & Club Curves @ Cohibas promises to deliver. You’re gonna get a lil bit of Sugar and a whole lot of Spice! I hope you are ready for some Curves, plenty of Sexxiness, and the best Music, topped with a fantastic Owner, Venue & Staff making sure your fridays are on point.

July kicked off with a lil Red, White & Bling. This night brought us a packed house and we wanted to see your festive attire. Shadoe asked us to be the fireworks and I saw plenty of sparklers in house. I like seeing how creative people are and just how they express themselves. I saw some really great outfits. I met quite a few new people this week and the general feeling throughout the rooms was a good one. I sparked up a few random conversations and had plenty of laughs.

One highlight of the night was the long awaited return of the infamous Booty Shakin Contest. Around Midnight we gathered in the main room as Shadoe came on stage to MC the Competition beginning with a lil impromptu sing-a-long to Katy Perry’s ‘Fireworks’. Immediately followed by the contestants showing us how to shake what their mamas gave em. I know the fellas (and some of the ladies) were more than ready to check out the ladies Booty Werk.

 *********The winner of the 1st Contest for 2011 was Heidi Hart********

Mid-July on 7/15 will be the very popular ‘Pajama Jammie Jam’. Like Whodini said The freaks come out at night!

July 29th You’d better bring your appetite cause we’ll close out July with a Buffet of Booty at the ‘Booty Camp’.

In August we want to see Pimps & Bunnies. 8/12 We bring the beach to you with ‘Bikinis, Beach Balls & Booty Shakin’ followed by the ‘2011 Players Ball’ I know this will be a sight to see. Who’s Pimp hand is strong vs. who comes from a long line of Assistant Pimps. LOL.

September 3rd rolls around with a fave of mine, ‘Sexxy Schoolgirl & Geeks’ I personally can’t wait for this night. I love and will devour a cute Geek and I can be his sexxy schoolgirl all night long!! If I’m a bad girl I hope to be sent to detention…

I know my calendar is marked, is yours? See you there

~VentiMocha xoxo





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