The Wait is OVER (6/06/2011)

After weeks and months of anticipation the night so many of us waited for had finally come!
The buildup was about to climax and by the time we were done the corner of Broadway & Pine in Long Beach
had exploded in a delicious assortment of Sexxiness and Fun.

If anyone was waiting to hear that the night was a flop and not completely OFF THE HOOK, keep waiting…cause it ain’t gonna happen. June 3, 2011 @ Club Cohibas hosted an event of Epic Porportions!

The Women were Beautiful and the Men De’Licious. We vowed to represent Club Curves to the fullest and leave all that bullshit drama elsewhere. Point Blank. Period.

Once you got close to the venue there was no denying our presence. If you didn’t already know, you were about to find out!! We were warned ahead of time that the word was out about the return of the Infamous OG Club Curves, and believe me, people came one by one and two by two. We had a presence already from the freeway. The flow of traffic seemed to be moving in the right direction. All destination points on the GPS led to ‘Club Curves’

Parking wasn’t an issue, there’s lots of places to choose from. As soon as you hit the corner you couldn’t help but notice the long line of partiers anxious to get up there and work it out on the dance floor, have a drink & find their friends!

The Party Bus rolled up around 25 people deep! They had the right idea, get the party started on the way, arrive in style & VIP entry. The wait in line was a little long but we made the best of it. It was a big night. No attitudes, just friends, pictures, lots of conversation & laughter. It wasn’t long before we spotted Boogie checkin on the crowd then soon after Shadoe came to check on her crowd & thank us for being patient.

You could hear the beat bang from down on the street as the entryway got closer and closer. FINALLY we’re in!! Whew! Wall 2 Wall packed. 3 rooms ALL crackin! Seemed like everywhere you went there was a familiar face (and some you wanted to get familiar with). No matter what your taste is, they were there smellin good & lookin good.

After seeing a few friends and introducing myself to a few new ones, I made my way to the middle of the dancefloor in the Main Room and didn’t leave until it was time for me to go home. It was hott in there and I don’t just mean the temperature.

As I looked over to the windows I noticed they were fogged and it took me back to the feeling I used to have back in the Redondo Beach days. I always knew I was in for one hell of a night
when I’d go down those last steps and the mirrors on the wall were fogged up! Ooh Whee!

I snapped back when my song came on, “Awwww, Shit!” “Look at me now, look at me now, OH! I’m gettin paper” (Ironic, No?) The room went wild. I look up at the stage and got jealous for a split second, they were up there goin CRAZY, LOL. I smiled because I knew we were home, and I will be coming ‘home’ again next week.

Dj Needles & Dj Wicked did their thang and had the whole spot jumpin from start to finish. My feet were cussin me out the next day. Shadoe, glad you’re back, its been a long time coming.

See you next week!!

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