the Social Scene in Plus Size America (4/22/2011)

 I am currently a Single BBW Woman in Southern California. I’m navigating my way through a ‘curved’ road while fighting to break the mold that society tries to put me in. I don’t believe that my size dictates what I can and can not do in this world. I’ve really decided that at this point in my life I’m going to go for my dreams. I’m shooting for the stars!

Anyone that knows me knows that I love a good opportunity to get out and mingle. For as long as I can remember I’ve been a very social person. This leads me to the career of my dreams; Event Planning, Promotion, & Production Management. 

I am excited when I think of how things have changed so much in the ‘Curvy Community’ in what seems like a short time. We are holding our own in the Music, Entertainment, and Fashion World.

I’m kind of a late bloomer as far as fashion goes. I look back at things I wore when I was younger and laugh. Have you ever seen someone out with their friends or family and ask yourself how in the world they let them leave the house looking like that?! Well, that very well may have been me!

I like to think that my taste and fashion sense has improved. Now, I love all things fashion. I am into makeup, shoes, bags, hair, and have even sketched up a few pieces of my own (even though they are hidden in a secret place). I have a lot to learn but am enjoying the process.



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