SNAPSHOT!! (6/15/2011)

This week the party continues. Some may not have known what to expect upon arrival due to the lack of a long line outside. No need to worry, thats because they were already inside! The crowd spoke, and was heard. Changes had been made to improve everyone’s Curvy experience.

Best believe the crowd was in the house turnt up! No signs of slowing here. Full house, still sexxy. I feel like a kid in a candy store. There was so much to see I hardly knew where to begin. “OMG, Girl did I see a group of Male strippaz?!?! Hold on…I’ll be right back!” I made my way throughout the rooms to get a feel and say hi to different people. I saw a few crews that came out to represent. The vibe in the building can be addictive, it keeps you coming back for more.

I have a friend that decided to see if eveything she heard about was true. She has heard so many stories about the club that she wanted to see firsthand. We also ran into some of the Club Curves Street Team as well as some people from the group. The outcome of the night was good. She had a ball and will be back!

Dj Wicked’s room was groovin with his Cassette- Not 8track mixxes. Its an intimate affair in here and I love it. I like to slip away in here if I want to get close with Mr. Right Now. LOL.

In the house of Dj Needles The stand out song for me this week is one song that definitely got everyone hype, E40 “My Sh*t bang”. When this came on “Turn my music up, Turn my music up…TURN IT UP!” the best way I can explain it is like an eruption, Once again the focal point was up by the stage. They take goin dumb seriously. The proof is in the pics!

The 1st run of “SNAPSHOT” was fun, I know it’ll catch on more each week. When the warning call went out I saw plenty getting their cameras ready…then it was time the Dj’s called out “SNAPSHOT!!” and it was LIGHTS, CAMERA’S, ACTION! It was fun to watch the posin & flashin goin on. I can’t wait until so many people are doing it that the room looks like its full of strobe lights. So anyone who missed it, be ready next week. Make sure your phones are charged so when the Dj’s give the warning to get ready then call out “Snapshot” take your pic of the action and post it to Facebook or Twitter so we can show the world just how we do it at Club Curves!

If you are reading this and you still have not had a chance to experience it yourself, what are you waiting for?? Get out your flyy fit , turn up that swagg like only you can do, get the password for the week and come meet me by the bar! From my point of view everyone had a great time. We came, we saw & we left the frustrations of the week on the dancefloor and worked it out.

Shout out to everyone for keepin it Grown & Sexxy.

Special Thanks to; Shadoe (Piper), Boogie, Dj Needles, Dj Wicked, The Street Team, Big Al, the Bartenders, Security and everyone involved.

Coming Up Next: Meet Your Street Team

~VentiMocha xoxo


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