In the THICK of it (4/22/2011)

About Me.
I’m a Capricorn. I’ve been told that makes me a dreamer. Ok, I’ll buy that. I am. For me, the sky is the limit. I dream BIG! I always have. I come up with some of the craziest things (or so my friends say) and you never can really tell what I’m going to come up with next.

Current Mission.

I want to be a positive influence in the Plus Sized community. I want to be involved with events that promote healthy living and enjoying life and all that comes with it.

I don’t want to be held back because of someone else’s perception of what my abilities should be. I’m tired of the barriers and limitations put on the plus sized community. I basically used to accept that by being a larger person (Men & Women) we were just going to get a bad rep. I felt like we were cast aside, doomed to be banished to our own island populated by anyone over the size of 12.

At times it was hard not to feed into the negativity. Those days are history and if anyone has an ‘issue’ with my size or anyone like me thats their problem. I refuse to hide myself away not to be seen or heard. I plan on living this life I have been given.

Why is it that the stereotypical ‘Big Person’ should have low self esteem and can’t be considered sexy, desireable or even confident? I know so many people of all sizes (skinny, big, short, tall) and these issues have no specific criteria. We all have insecurities. I challenge anyone who thinks or feels that just because of my size I don’t have pride in myself or positive self-esteem. I’m not defined by the size of my clothes.

These past few years have been especially spiritual & educational for me. I don’t want to take what I’ve learned for granted. Its time for a change.


To clear up any confusion, I am in no way promoting that being overweight is a good thing. Healthy living is the best option. The only option. I’ve just learned to love myself and the skin that I’m in & understand that its going to take time and dedication to undo whats already been done. While on this journey to my ideal weight & size am I not allowed to be happy and have pride in myself? YES I AM! My intentions are just that. I don’t have low self esteem, I am a confident and intelligent young woman with goals. I believe in myself, and I’m responsible for taking control of my destiny.

I don’t know what the future is going to hold for me, I’m just going to take a deep breath and jump!

(inhales deeply)



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