ALERT: ROAD CONDITIONS at 110 e. Broadway & Pine (7/28/2011)

Caution! There are Curves ahead & they’re slippery when wett!

Well Damn!! The Infamous Pajama Jam hosted by Club Curves @Cohibas was something you had to see to believe. I can tell ya’ll if you’re missin it, you’re missin out. Whether you’re into Naughty or Nice, there was something for you. Wall to Wall Teddy’s, Babydoll’s, Boyshorts, Skirts, Fishnets & Heels. The Men didn’t dissapoint either. I saw plenty of shorts, house shoes, robes etc. I came armed with heart shaped paddle in hand ready to spank those in need. Friday July 15th

As soon as you step into the building it felt like the party just got put on pause for a few days only to resume the following friday. The word was definitely out and the crowd came & dressed the part. Fellas if you love a woman with some bangin curves and like the idea of them dressed up in lace & lingerie you were in the right place.

Shout out to the Street Team, everyone looked gorgeous and represented the spot well.

We got more relief from the heat as Shadoe got us 2 new industrial sized fans. The timing couldn’t have been better, with all the heat in building we were gonna need a cooldown.

After working up a thirst many Clubbers were all over that Pink Pu$$y. Oh? You don’t know what that is? Well meet us at 110 e. Broadway & Pine in Long Beach, Ca. 90802 and see 1st hand.

Alize sent a request for us to learn the ‘Wobble’ so we can all do it together. I noticed a lot of the women were ready and had it down! I like it. My issue was that I was off my homeboy Patron so I think I Weebled more than I Wobbled but its ok, I’ll get it together soon.

Piper A.K.A. Shadoe hooked us up with a lil midnight snack. There was a brief announcement for the fellas to please move over to the Grown & Sexy Lounge. Moments later she introduced a few special treats for us…Sexxy Male Dancers!!

The ladies went wild as the Men did their thing. They came into the crowd and danced with some of the women as the room filled with screams and was full of laughter & smiles.

LOL. I can promise you one thing, you never know what Magic Shadoe has up her sleeve. You just never know, but my suggestion is for kicks just come along for the ride and have lots fun along the way…

As always many thanks to the Dj’s, Bartenders, Cohibas Staff, Fantastic Street Team, The Inspirational Shadoe, and Last but certainly not least YOU the BEST CURVY FAM without whom none of this would be possible.

Have you all seen the new promo video for the club?? If not click the link below and check for yourself, you just may have a cameo!

Thank You & See you Friday!!

~VentiMocha xoxo (@VentiMochaCap)


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